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Observations on Tasmanian fishes: Part XV


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Scott, EOG (1967) Observations on Tasmanian fishes: Part XV. Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania, 101. pp. 189-220. ISSN 0080-4703

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A new Ophiclinid genus is established and its haplotype is described and figured. Two species are added to the Tasmanian list and the inclusion of one is confirmed. General observations, usually accompanied by a table of dimensions, are made on these and several other species (some points of special interest noticed below). Secondary sexual dimorphism is found in several Ophiclinids, females having relatively longer trunk, with concomitantly greater value for the ratio of dorsal base to anal base. A second lateral line, hitherto unrepodted, has been observed in Ophiclinus Oastlenau, 1872, s. str., and a lateral line in Ophiclinops Whitley, 1932. Rajidae.-Raja whitleyi Iredale, 1938: inclusion in Tasmanian list confirmed; several characters commonly relied on to separate this species from Raja lemprieri Richardson, 1845 found to be inconstant. Clinidae.-CZinus perspicillatus Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1836: frequency distribution of spines of second dorsal and frequency distribution of rays for each spine number both approximately symmetrical, suggesting separate genetic mediation of radial elements in two sections of fin (pigmentation also probably dual controlled); secondary sexual dimorphism parallels that of Ophiclinids. Petraites phillipi (Lucas, 1891) : abnormal individual. Petraites heptaeolus Ogilby, 1885: parous at 44 mm; intromittent organ described. Ophiclinidae.-Key to Tasmanian species. Ophiclinus aethiops McCulloch & Waite, 1918: added to Tasmanian list; original account extended; present material (apparently the first reported since types) poses a question of the distinctness of this species from O. gabrieli Waite, 1906. Ophiclinus greeni Scott, 1936: anal spines 2, not 3 as originally reported; notes on a parous female. Ophiclinus gabrieli Waite, 1906: anal, reported as without spines, has 2; dentition; possible conspecificity with O. aethiops discussed; cephalic neuromast system described. Ophiclinops varius (McCulloch & Waite, 1918): metrical data. Breona greeni gen. et sp. nov.: described and figured. Tripterygiidae.-Key to Tasmanian species. Brachynectes jasciatus Scott, 1957: added to Tasmanian list; emendations to, and expansion of, original account. Some notes are given on the catches at two surf angling contests.

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