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48 Miscellaneous items (Found in 'information' files)

1. Photocopy of Governor Darling's proclamation 1827
2. Curzon Allport to Dr. Milligan 24 Jan. 1856-
Comments on wheat.
3. Horace Rowcroft to Dr Milligan on triple eared Egyptian wheat. 5 Feb. 1856
4. Hugh M. Hull's report on experiments with Canadian seeds from the Paris exhibition 29 Mar. 1859
5. Hugh M. Hull to enclose ears of Oregon barley and also of wheat from seeds 'found on the Royal Society's table last year'.
7. William Little to James Barnard, Hon. Sec. Royal Society 10 Jul.1883
- on cable-gramming his agricultural plans and reply that
it was not in the power of the Society.
8. Notes on Sphonia gunnii or fungus grub by Mr Hawkes passed on by R.C. Gunn 29th July 1854
9. Circular notifying visit of Miss Marianne North to paint
remarkable trees and plants of these colonies for Kew Gardens. 1880
10. Endemic Flora of Tasmania, W. Curtis & M. Stones - publicity leaflet including illustration of Priornotes cerinthoides
11. News clippings on sheep, fruit, rabbits in Huon, timber, land clearing for soldier settlements 1950
12. Antarctic expeditions by Mawson, Amundsen, etc. - news clippings.
13. Army and Barracks. Secretary's correspondence - restoration of Anglesea Barracks, with postcard drawing; notes on 99th regiment; list of Australian V.C.s; notes on Buckingham Rifles.
14. Bellerive centenary 1960 - newspaper cutting, Mercury 18 Oct 1960
15.For the Term of his natural life, M. Clarke - part of paper cover
16.Hobart floating bridge 1960
Mercury article. Also typed notes on Dunrobin Bridge, Hamilton.
17. Bruny Island.
Notes, cuttings, photocopy of plan
18. Churches: notes about Wesley Church (R.D Pretyman); All Saints(D. & J. Haigh); St. John the Baptist (G.T.Stilwell), Hobart;
St. David's Cathedral centenary service sheet 1968; notes by
J. Moore Robinson on old St. David's clock (now at St. Luke's Richmond.
19. East Coast - St. Mary's, St. Helens 1967
Northern branch excursion notes and other notes.
20. Notes on claims for first white child born in Tasmania -and on first marriage (Gangell)
21. Letter of J.W. Sharp on developing wholesale fish trade 1891
22. Catalogue of ornithological works by J. Gould and others from Bernard Quaritch, London 1884
23. List of letters patent, royal warrants & commissions at Government House 1938
24. Copy of poetic letter from John Stonehouse, Stratford Mills, to ?.G. Gregson ,6th Aug 1859
25. Bankers' & Traders' Insurance Co. - new headquarters, Hobart, 1963
26. H.E.C.1952-1959 news clippings & leaflets about dams.
27. New Norfolk - T.H.R.A. excursion notes 1970
28. Mercury Extra 1861 Single column sheet
29. Oatlands - notes by Miss Wayn 1937
30. Sir James Agnew 1815-1901
Proof copy of 84th birthday congratulations and obituary.
31. Lt.-Col. Archibald William Reed - funeral notice 12th May 1855
32. W. F. Petterd's notes on a mineral substance 189?
33. Letter to A. Morton about his birth certificate for life
insurance 13th April 1891
34. Note from Irvine McEachern, Launceston, to Lt. Beddom 10th Aug. 1855 - supply of butter
35. Charles Headlam to Morton Allport 29 Apr. 1872
about an animal he saw in the Great Lake on 25 January 1863
with his son Anthony. He had noted in his journal that it was about the size of a sheepdog, with two small flippers and swam off very fast.
36. Visiting students of Australasian Universities - invitation for Miss K. Giblin to attend the civic reception 9th Jan. 1913.
37. Photo of Hobart Regatta ,1955
38. Post Office - notice of overseas mails Nov. 1904
Also notes of history from Australian Encyclopedia
39. Glenorchy City Charter presentation 24th Oct. 1964
40. Note on Horton College by A.D. Mackay 1960
41. Friends' School 1904, 1930
Request for particulars of membership of Royal Society with
illustration of school on letter head and note about history of 'Hobartville' house.
42. Shipping notes
K.P.K. Java Australia Line brochure, illustrated, ND c. 1935;'Of ships & men' - history of Netherlands shipping and air transport c. 1965; bill of lading for case of merchandise shipped from London to Hobart for Royal 'Society by SS. Ruapihu 1891; passenger list of
'Linsay' 1832; list of prison ships; letter about “Calcutta';
notes about Hobart clippers, South African, Mauritius & inter-colonial trade, Henderson & Macfarlane's 'Circular Saw Line', and ships
Enchantress, Harriet McGregor, Isabella Brown, Lady Emma, Loongan, Lufra, Mary Blair, Mutine, Otago, Portland, Quathamba, Southern Cross, Success, William Manson & Woosung; news clippings.
43. Notes on old church, Sidmouth.
44. Letter from A.J. Pullen about his notes about Pittwater history.
45. Tasmanian coat of arms 1917
Facsimile of grant of arms to State, with illustration.
Also illustration of Tasmanian Government badge (lion)
46. Sorrento Camp 1803
Note by Mrs E. McCraw of evidence for Collins camp at
Sorrento, Port Philip, 1803, being first called Hobart Camp;
Also photographs of Sorrento.
47. Notes on whales and whaling.
48. Cox Family: 'Honourable Ancestors' by W. Ellis Cox 1953
Duplicated (23 pp) with ms notes (up to 1962), Ms. family tree


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