Some Tasmanian Hirudinea

Ingram, DM 1957 , 'Some Tasmanian Hirudinea' , Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania, vol. 91 , pp. 191-232 .

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Descriptions are given of two species of Haemadipsidae,
one, Philaemon grandis sp. nov., the other
Philaemon pungens Blanchard. The egg-capsule
and newly hatched young of the latter species are
also described. Limnobdella australis (Bosisto)
(Hirudinidae) is recorded for the first time as
occurring in Tasmania. Three new species belonging
to the Piscicolidae are also described, namely
Austrobdella bilobata from Rhombosolea tapirina
Gunther, Trachelobdella leptocephali from the gills
of Leptocephalus conger (Linnaeus), and "Ichthy-obdella" platycephali from Platycephalus bassensis
Cuvier and Valenciennes. A brief description of
the egg-capsules and young of Austrobdella bilobata
is also included. In addition, some account is
given of specimens of Branchellion parkeri Richardson,taken from Raia lemprieri Richardson, Pristiophorus sp. and Dasyatis sp. Further information
concerning Pontobdella tasmanica (Hickman), its
occurrence on a piece of seaweed, and also on a
skate, is provided. Three members of the Glossiphoniidae,
namely, Glossiphonia tasmaniensis sp.
nov., Glossiphonia australiensis Goddard, and
Placobdella bdellae sp. nov., are described, the last
named species occurring in the buccal cavity of the
pouched lamprey Geotria australis Gray. The
structure of the nephridia in Glossiphonia australiensis
Goddard is given for the first time.

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