• Scientific acceptance
  • Crichton rebuttal,  (this is the direct link)  Crichton rebuttal II (this is some extra points)


  • Kyoto Protocol
  • US Climate Change Policy,  (this is the State Department official policy; news item on the Buenos Aires international talks: "The U.S. delegation sought to put the focus in Buenos Aires not on emissions reduction, but on long-range U.S. programs to develop cleaner-burning energy technologies.")
  • The Nation's Report Card: Mathematics 2000


  • George Monbiot, Goodbye, Kind World
  • Mark Lynas's home page where there are details of his book, High Tide
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • Spencer Weart, American Institute of PhysicsA Hyperlinked History of Climate Change Science
  • World Watch for overall environmental issues, Climate Ark for climate change specifics