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A global multiproxy database for temperature reconstructions of the Common Era


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Emile-Geay, J, McKay, NP, Kaufman, DS, von Gunten, L, Wang, J, Anchukaitis, KJ, Abram, NJ, Addison, JA, Curran, MAJ, Evans, MN, Henley, BJ, Hao, Z, Martrat, B, McGregor, HV, Neukom, R, Pederson, GT, Stenni, B, Thirumalai, K, Werner, JP, Xu, C, Divine, DV, Dixon, BC, Gergis, J, Mundo, IA, Nakatsuka, T, Phipps, SJ ORCID: 0000-0001-5657-8782, Routson, CC, Steig, EJ, Tierney, JE, Tyler, JJ, Allen, KJ, Bertler, NAN, Bjorklund, J, Chase, BM, Chen, M-T, Cook, E, de Jong, R, DeLong, KL, Dixon, DA, Ekaykin, AA, Ersek, V, Filipsson, HL, Francus, P, Freund, MB, Frezzotti, M, Gaire, NP, Gajewski, K, Ge, Q, Goosse, H, Gornostaeva, A, Grosjean, M, Horiuchi, K, Hormes, A, Husum, K, Isaksson, E, Kandasamy, S, Kawamura, K, Kilbourne, KH, Koc, N, Leduc, G, Linderholm, HW, Lorrey, AM, Mikhalenko, V, Mortyn, PG, Motoyama, H, Moy, AD, Mulvaney, R, Munz, PM, Nash, DJ, Oerter, H, Opel, T, Orsi, AJ, Ovchinnikov, DV, Porter, TJ, Roop, HA, Saenger, C, Sano, M, Sauchyn, D, Saunders, KM, Seidenkrantz, M-S, Severi, M, Shao, X, Sicre, M-A, Sigl, M, Sinclair, K, St George, S, St Jacques, J-M, Thamban, M, Thapa, UK, Thomas, ER, Turney, C, Uemura, R, Viau, AE, Vladomirova, DO, Wahl, ER, White, JWC, Yu, Z and Zinke, J 2017 , 'A global multiproxy database for temperature reconstructions of the Common Era' , Scientific Data, vol. 4 , pp. 1-33 , doi: 10.1038/sdata.2017.88.

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Reproducible climate reconstructions of the Common Era (1 CE to present) are key to placing industrial-era warming into the context of natural climatic variability. Here we present a community-sourced database of temperature-sensitive proxy records from the PAGES2k initiative. The database gathers 692 records from 648 locations, including all continental regions and major ocean basins. The records are from trees, ice, sediment, corals, speleothems, documentary evidence, and other archives. They range in length from 50 to 2000 years, with a median of 547 years, while temporal resolution ranges from biweekly to centennial. Nearly half of the proxy time series are significantly correlated with HadCRUT4.2 surface temperature over the period 1850–2014. Global temperature composites show a remarkable degree of coherence between high- and low-resolution archives, with broadly similar patterns across archive types, terrestrial versus marine locations, and screening criteria. The database is suited to investigations of global and regional temperature variability over the Common Era, and is shared in the Linked Paleo Data (LiPD) format, including serializations in Matlab, R and Python.

Item Type: Article
Authors/Creators:Emile-Geay, J and McKay, NP and Kaufman, DS and von Gunten, L and Wang, J and Anchukaitis, KJ and Abram, NJ and Addison, JA and Curran, MAJ and Evans, MN and Henley, BJ and Hao, Z and Martrat, B and McGregor, HV and Neukom, R and Pederson, GT and Stenni, B and Thirumalai, K and Werner, JP and Xu, C and Divine, DV and Dixon, BC and Gergis, J and Mundo, IA and Nakatsuka, T and Phipps, SJ and Routson, CC and Steig, EJ and Tierney, JE and Tyler, JJ and Allen, KJ and Bertler, NAN and Bjorklund, J and Chase, BM and Chen, M-T and Cook, E and de Jong, R and DeLong, KL and Dixon, DA and Ekaykin, AA and Ersek, V and Filipsson, HL and Francus, P and Freund, MB and Frezzotti, M and Gaire, NP and Gajewski, K and Ge, Q and Goosse, H and Gornostaeva, A and Grosjean, M and Horiuchi, K and Hormes, A and Husum, K and Isaksson, E and Kandasamy, S and Kawamura, K and Kilbourne, KH and Koc, N and Leduc, G and Linderholm, HW and Lorrey, AM and Mikhalenko, V and Mortyn, PG and Motoyama, H and Moy, AD and Mulvaney, R and Munz, PM and Nash, DJ and Oerter, H and Opel, T and Orsi, AJ and Ovchinnikov, DV and Porter, TJ and Roop, HA and Saenger, C and Sano, M and Sauchyn, D and Saunders, KM and Seidenkrantz, M-S and Severi, M and Shao, X and Sicre, M-A and Sigl, M and Sinclair, K and St George, S and St Jacques, J-M and Thamban, M and Thapa, UK and Thomas, ER and Turney, C and Uemura, R and Viau, AE and Vladomirova, DO and Wahl, ER and White, JWC and Yu, Z and Zinke, J
Keywords: climate variability, climate change, palaeoclimate, data, proxies, temperature, reconstructions, Common Era
Journal or Publication Title: Scientific Data
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
ISSN: 2052-4463
DOI / ID Number: 10.1038/sdata.2017.88
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Copyright 2017 The authors. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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