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Kamenetsky, VS and Elburg, MA and Arculus, RJ and Thomas, R (2006) Magmatic origin of low-Ca olivine in subduction-related magmas: Co-existence of contrasting magmas. Chemical Geology, 233 (3-4). pp. 346-357.

Kamenetsky, VS and Sobolev, AV and Eggins, SM and Crawford, AJ and Arculus, RJ (2002) Olivine-enriched melt inclusions in chromites from low-Ca boninites, Cape Vogel, Papua New Guinea: evidence for ultramafic primary magma, refractory mantle source and enriched components. Chemical Geology, 183 (1-4). pp. 287-303.

Kendrick, MA and Arculus, RJ and Danyushevsky, LV and Kamenetsky, VS and Woodhead, JD and Honda, M (2014) Subduction-related halogens (Cl, Br and I) and H2O in magmatic glasses from Southwest Pacific Backarc Basins. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 400. pp. 165-176.

Sun, WD and Ding, X and Hu, YH and Zartman, RE and Arculus, RJ and Kamenetsky, VS and Chen, M (2011) The fate of subducted oceanic crust: a mineral segregation model. International Geology Review, 53 (8). pp. 879-893. ISSN 0020-6814

Sun, W and Arculus, RJ and Kamenetsky, VS and Binns, RA (2004) Release of gold-bearing fluids in convergent margin magmas prompted by magnetite crystallization. Nature, 431 (7011). pp. 975-978.

Sun, W and Bennett, VC and Eggins, SM and Kamenetsky, VS and Arculus, RJ (2003) Enhanced mantle-to-crust rhenium transfer in undegassed arc magmas. Nature, 422 (6929). pp. 294-297.

Sun, W and Binns, RA and Fan, AC and Kamenetsky, VS and Wysoczanski, R and Wei, GJ and Hu, YH and Arculus, RJ (2007) Chlorine in submarine volcanic glasses from the eastern Manus basin. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 71 (6). pp. 1542-1552. ISSN 0016-7037

Sun, W and Hu, Y and Kamenetsky, VS and Eggins, SM and Chen, M and Arculus, RJ (2008) Constancy of Nb/U in the mantle revisited. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 72 (14). pp. 3542-3549. ISSN 0016-7037

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