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Blackburn, DP, Farrell, R, Hamilton, MG, Volker, PW, Harwood, CE, Williams, DR and Potts, BM 2012 , 'Genetic improvement for pulpwood and peeled veneer in Eucalyptus nitens' , Canadian Journal of Forest Research, vol. 42, no. 9 , pp. 1724-1732 , doi: 10.1139/X2012-105.

Blackburn, DP, Hamilton, MG, Harwood, CE, Baker, TG and Potts, BM 2013 , 'Assessing genetic variation to improve stem straightness in Eucalyptus globulus' , Annals of Forest Science, vol. 70, no. 5 , pp. 461-470 , doi: 10.1007/s13595-013-0277-9.

Blackburn, DP, Hamilton, MG, Harwood, CE, Innes, TC, Potts, BM and Williams, DR 2011 , 'Genetic variation in traits affecting sawn timber recovery in plantation grown Eucalyptus nitens' , Annals of Forest Science, vol. 68 , pp. 1187-1195 , doi: 10.1007/s13595-011-0130-y.

Blackburn, DP, Hamilton, MG, Harwood, CE, Innes, TC, Potts, BM and Williams, DR 2010 , 'Stiffness and checking of Eucalyptus nitens sawn boards: Genetic variation and potential for genetic improvement' , Tree Genetics & Genomes, vol. 6, no. 5 , pp. 757-765 , doi: 10.1007/s11295-010-0289-7.

Blackburn, DP, Hamilton, MG, Williams, DR, Harwood, CE and Potts, BM 2014 , 'Acoustic Wave Velocity as a Selection Trait in Eucalyptus nitens' , Forests, vol. 5 , pp. 744-762 , doi: 10.3390/f5040744.

Blackburn, DP, Harwood, CE, Innes, TC and Williams, DR 2010 , 'Improved Methods for Achieving Traceability of Tree and Log Identities in Timber Processing Studies' , Forest Products Journal, vol. 60, no. 7/8 , pp. 688-693 .

McGavin, RL, Bailleres, H, Hamilton, MG, Blackburn, DP, Vega, M and Ozarska, B 2015 , 'Variation in Rotary Veneer Recovery from Australian Plantation Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus nitens' , BioResources, vol. 10, no. 1 , pp. 313-329 .

McGavin, RL, Bailleres, H, Lane, F, Blackburn, DP, Vega, M and Ozarka, B 2014 , 'Veneer Recovery Analysis of Plantation Eucalypt Species Using Spindleless Lathe Technology' , BioResources, vol. 9, no. 1 , pp. 613-627 .

Book Section

Potts, BM, Hamilton, MG and Blackburn, DP 2011 , 'Genetics of Eucalypts: traps and opportunities', in J Walker (ed.), Developing a eucalypt resource: Learning from Australia and elsewhere , Wood Technology Research Centre, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, Canterbury, New Zealand, pp. 1-29.


Conference or Workshop Item

Blackburn, DP and Nolan, GB 2014 , 'The Potential for rotary peeling veneer in regional Tasmania', paper presented at the National Centre for Future Forest Industries Workshop, 25th to 27th November 2014, Centenary Theatre, University of Tasmania. Sandy Bay TAS 7005.

Blackburn, DP, Potts, BM, Vaillancourt, RE, Harwood, CE, Williams, DR and Innes, TC 2007 , 'Improvement of eucalypt solid-wood products: Breeding objectives for improving solid-wood products manufactured from Eucalyptus nitens and E. globulus', paper presented at the Plantation Eucalypts for High-Value Timber, 9-12 October 2007, Moorabbin, Melbourne. Australia.

Southerton, SG, Williams, DR, Joyce, K, Ravenwood, I, Meder, R, Blackburn, DP, MacMillian, CP, Zhang, D, Bell, JC, Bhuiyan, N and Thumma, BR 2009 , 'Association of allelic variation in xylem genes with wood properties in Eucalyptus nitens (Deane & Maiden)', paper presented at the In: Taking care of business, Proceedings 2nd Australasian Forest Genetics Conference, 20- 22 April, 2009, Fremantle, Australia.


Blackburn, DP 2012 , 'Improving Eucalyptus nitens for sawn-board, veneer and paper products', PhD thesis, University of Tasmania.

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