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Berry, RF, Selley, D, White, M, Davidson, GJ and Kitto, PA 1995 , Faulting and mineralisation in western Tasmania AMIRA/CODES Project P.291A Report No. 4, October 1995 .

Berry, RF, Davidson, GJ, Kitto, PA, White, M and Selley, D 1994 , Structure and mineralisation of western Tasmania. AMIRA Project P.291A. Report No. 2, October 1994.

Berry, RF, Fulton, R, Selley, D, Bull, SW, Keele, RA, Davidson, GJ and Kitto, PA 1995 , Structure and mineralisation of western Tasmania AMIRA Project P.291A Report No. 3 March 1995.

Berry, RF, Meffre, S, Jenner, G, Fulton, R, Selley, D, White, M, Corbett, KD, Bull, SW, Davidson, GJ, Kitto, PA and Roach, M 1997 , Structure and mineralisation of western Tasmania. CODES/AMIRA Project P.291A Final report, March 1997.

Bierlein, FP, Foster, DA, Gray, DR and Davidson, GJ 2005 , 'Timing of orogenic gold mineralisation in northeastern Tasmania: implications for the tectonic and metallogenetic evolution of Palaeozoic SE Australia' , Mineralium Deposita, vol. 39, no. 8 , pp. 890-903 , doi: 10.1007/s00126-004-0458-4.

Davidson, GJ and Large, RR 1994 , 'Gold metallogeny and the copper-gold association of the Australian Proterozoic' , Mineralium Deposita, vol. 29, no. 3 , pp. 208-223 , doi: 10.1007/BF00206864.

Davidson, GJ, Varne, R, Brown, AV and Connell, R 2004 , 'Structural controls on sulphide deposition at the dyke-lava boundary, slow-spreading ocean crust, Macquarie Island' , Terra Nova, vol. 16, no. 1 , pp. 9-15 , doi: 10.1046/j.1365-3121.2003.00518.x.

Gifkins, CC, Allen, RL, Stolz, AJ, Duhig, N, McPhie, J, Wyman, B, Davidson, GJ, Eggins, SM, Fulton, R, Large, RR, Hill, A, Sharpe, R, Yang, K and Gemmell, JB 1996 , Studies of VHMS-related alteration: geochemical and mineralogical vectors to ore CODES/AMIRA Project P.439 Report 2, May 1996.

Large, RR, Davidson, GJ, Rattenbury, MS, McPhie, J, Huston, DL and Stoltz, J 1990 , Proterozoic Gold-Copper Project: Tennant Creek and Starra Districts. Workshop Manual No. 4 (CODES publication 26).

Large, RR, Davidson, GJ, Wedekind, R, Williams, BT, Rattenbury, MS, Berry, RF, Zaw, K, Kary, GL and Osbourne, R 1988 , Proterozoic gold-copper project Tennant Creek and Starra Districts Workshop manual No. 2 (CODES publication 15).

Large, RR, McGoldrick, PJ, Bull, SW, Cooke, DR, Davidson, GJ, Duhig, N, Keele, RA, Leaman, DE and Rogers, J 1995 , Proterozoic sediment-hosted base metal deposits. CODES/AMIRA Project P.384 Final Report, June 1995.

Large, RR, McPhie, J, Gemmell, JB, Herrmann, W and Davidson, GJ 2001 , 'The Spectrum of Ore Deposit Types, Volcanic Environments, Alteration Halos, and Related Exploration Vectors in Submarine Volcanic Successions: Some Examples from Australia' , Economic Geology, vol. 96, no. 5 , pp. 913-938 , doi: 10.2113/96.5.913.

Large, RR, Rattenbury, MS, Huston, DL, Wedekind, R, Both, RA and Davidson, GJ 1989 , Proterozoic gold-copper project: Tennant Creek and Starra Districts Workshop manual no. 3 (CODES publication 23).

Large, RR, Wedekind, R, Love, R, Horvarth, H, Gulson, BL, Porritt, P, Robinson, P, Zaw, K, Adrichen, S and Davidson, GJ 1987 , Geology and geochemistry of gold-copper iron oxide systems: Tennant Creek and Starra Districts. Volume 1 (CODES publication 6).

Leaman, DE, Keele, RA, Rogers, J, McGoldrick, PJ, Cooke, DR, Dixon, G and Davidson, GJ 1992 , Proterozoic sediment-hosted base metal deposits AMIRA/ARC Project P.384 Report No. 1, November 1992.

Leaman, DE, Rogers, J, Bull, SW, Keele, RA, Duffett, ML, Cooke, DR, Mathews, K, Wright, JV, Donovan, S and Davidson, GJ 1993 , Proterozoic sediment-hosted base metal deposits. CODES/AMIRA Project P.384 Report No. 4, November 1993.

Morey, AA, Weinberg, RF, Bierlein, FP and Davidson, GJ 2007 , 'Gold deposits of the Bardoc Tectonic Zone: a distinct style of orogenic gold in the Archaean Eastern Goldfields Province, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia' , Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, vol. 54, no. 6 , pp. 783-800 , doi: 10.1080/08120090701392671.

Stolz, J, Davidson, GJ, Blake, MD, Doyle, MG, Allen, R, Large, RR, Wyman, B, Fulton, R, Yang, K, Huntington, JF, Gemmell, JB, Gifkins, CC, Stanley, CR and McPhie, J 1996 , Studies of VHMS-related alteration: geochemical and mineralogical vectors to ore. CODES/AMIRA Project P.439 Report 3, October 1996.

Thorkelson, DJ, Mortensen, JK, Creaser, RA, Davidson, GJ and Abbott, JG 2001 , 'Early Proterozoic magmatism in Yukon, Canada: constraints on the evolution of northwestern Laurentia' , Canadian Journal of Earth Science, vol. 38, no. 10 , pp. 1479-1494 , doi: 10.1139/cjes-38-10-1479.

Thorkelson, DJ, Mortensen, JK, Davidson, GJ, Creaser, RA, Perez, WA and Abbott, JG 2001 , 'Early Mesoproterozoic intrusive breccias in Yukon, Canada: the role of hydrothermal systems in reconstructions of North America and Australia' , Precambrian Research, vol. 111, no. 1-4 , pp. 31-55 , doi: 10.1016/S0301-9268(01)00155-3.

Williams, NC and Davidson, GJ 2004 , 'Possible submarine advanced argillic alteration at the Basin Lake prospect, Western Tasmania, Australia' , Economic Geology, vol. 99, no. 5 , pp. 987-1002 , doi: 10.2113/99.5.987.

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