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Evans, DE 2007 , 'To DP or not to DP, that is the question?' , The Brewer and Distiller International, vol. 3, no. 5 , pp. 33-35 .

Evans, DE, Collins, HM, Eglinton, JK and Wilhelmson, A 2005 , 'Assessing the impact of the level of diastatic power enzymes and their thermostability on the hydrolysis of starch during wort production to predict malt fermentability.' , Journal American Society of Brewing Chemists, vol. 63 , pp. 185-198 , doi: 10.1094/ASBCJ-63-0185.

Evans, DE and Sheehan, MC 2002 , 'Don't be fobbed off, the substance of beer foam' , Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists, vol. 60, no. 2 , pp. 47-57 , doi: 10.1094/ASBCJ-60-0047.

Evans, DE, Surrel, A, Sheehy, M, Stewart, D and Robinson, LH 2008 , 'Comparison of foam quality and the influence of hop-a-acids and proteins by five foam analysis methods' , Journal American Society of Brewing Chemists, vol. 66, no. 1 , pp. 1-10 , doi: 10.1094 /ASBCJ-2007-1129-01.

Evans, DE and Fox, GP 2017 , 'Comparison of diastatic power enzyme release and persistence during modified institute of brewing 65°C and congress programmed mashes' , Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists, vol. 75, no. 4 , pp. 302-311 , doi: 10.1094/ASBCJ-2017-4707-01.

Ma, YF, Evans, DE, Logue, SJ and Langridge, P 2001 , 'Mutations of barley β-amylase that imporve substrate-binding affinity and thermostability' , Molecular and General Genetics, vol. 266, no. 3 , pp. 345-352 , doi: 10.1007/s004380100566.

Robinson, LH, Healy, Peter, Gibson, CE, Eglinton, JK, Ford, CM and Evans, DE 2007 , 'The identification of a barley haze active protein that influence beer haze stability: The genetic basis of a barley malt haze active protein' , Journal of Cereal Science, vol. 45, no. 3 , pp. 335-342 , doi: 10.1016/j.jcs.2006.08.012.

Robinson, LH, Evans, DE, Kaukovirta-Norja, A, Vilpola, A, Aldred, P and Home, S 2004 , 'The Interaction Between Malt Protein Quality and Brewing Conditions and Their Impact on Beer Colloidal Stability' , Master Brewers Association of the Americas, Technical Quarterly, vol. 41, no. 4 , pp. 353-362 .

Robinson, LH, Juttner, J, Milligan, A, Lahnstein, J, Eglinton, JK and Evans, DE 2007 , 'The identification of a barley haze active protein that influences beer haze stability: Cloning and characterisation of the barley SE protein as a barley trypsin inhibitor of the chloroform/methanol type' , Journal of Cereal Science, vol. 45, no. 3 , pp. 343-352 , doi: 10.1016/j.jcs.2006.08.012.

Yousif, AM ORCID: 0000-0002-1751-7888 and Evans, DE ORCID: 0000-0001-8765-9227 2020 , 'Changes in malt quality during production in two commercial malt houses' , Journal of the Institute of Brewing , pp. 1-20 , doi: 10.1002/jib.609.

van Nierop, SNE, Evans, DE, Axcell, BC, Cantrell, IC and Rautenbach, M 2004 , 'The impact of different wort boiling temperatures on the beer foam stabilizing properties of lipid transfer protein 1' , Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol. 52 , pp. 3120-3129 , doi: 10.1021/jf035125c.

Book Section

Evans, DE and Bamforth, CW 2008 , 'Beer foam: achieving a suitable head', in CW Bamforth and I Russell and GG Stewart (eds.), Handbook of alcoholic beverages: Beer, a quality perspective , Elsevier, New York.

Evans, DE, Li, C and Eglinton, JK 2008 , 'The properties and genetics of barley malt starch degrading enzymes', in G Zhang and C Li (eds.), Quality, genetics and improvement of malt barley , Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China , Springer Verlag.

Conference or Workshop Item

Finn, J, Surrel, A, Robinson, LH, Sheehy, M, Stewart, D, Eglinton, JK and Evans, DE 2007 , 'Investigation of the Impact of Proline Specific Endoproteinase on Malt Haze-Active and Foam-Active Proteins', paper presented at the Australian Barley Technical Symposium, 26-29 August 2007, Fremantle, Western Australia.

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