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Adamcik, S, Looney, B, Cabon, M, Jancovicova, S, Adamcikova, K, Avis, PG, Barajas, M, Bhatt, RP, Corrales, A, Das, K, Hampe, F, Ghosh, A, Gates, G, Kalviainen, V, Khalid, AN, Kiran, M, De Lange, R, Lee, H, Lim, YW, Kong, A, Manz, C, Ovrebo, C, Saba, M, Taipale, T, Verbeken, A, Wisitrassameewong, K and Buyck, B 2019 , 'The quest for a globally comprehensible Russula language' , Fungal Diversity , pp. 1-81 , doi:

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Costa-Rezende, DH, Robledo, GL, Drechsler-Santos, ER, Glen, M ORCID: 0000-0003-3164-0468, Gates, G, de Madrignac Bonzi, BR, Popoff, OF, Crespo, E and Goes-Neto, A 2020 , 'Taxonomy and phylogeny of polypores with ganodermatoid basidiospores (Ganodermataceae)' , Mycological Progress, vol. 19 , pp. 725-741 , doi:

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Ji, X-H, Chen, Q, Gates, G and Du, P 2018 , 'Dentipellis tasmanica sp. nov. (Hericiaceae, Basidiomycota) from Australia' , MycoKeys, vol. 41 , pp. 29-38 , doi:

Li, JP, Antonin, V, Gates, G, Jiang, L, Li, TH, Li, Y, Song, B and Deng, CY 2022 , 'Emending Gymnopus sect. Gymnopus (Agaricales, Omphalotaceae) by including two new species from southern China' , MycoKeys, vol. 87 , pp. 183-204 , doi:

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Matheny, PB, Baroni, TJ, Simoni, A, Holgado Rojas, ME, Sanchez-Garcia, M and Gates, G 2017 , 'The wild edible mushroom Pleurocollybia cibaria from Peru is a species of Gerhardtia in the Lyophyllaceae (Agaricales)' , Cryptogamie Mycologie, vol. 38, no. 2 , pp. 205-212 , doi:

Maynard, D, Fearn, S and Gates, G 2018 , 'Novel host associations for the fungus beetles Cnecosa insueta and Thallis vinula (Coleoptera: Erotylidae: Erotylinae) in Tasmania' , Tasmanian Naturalist, vol. 140 , pp. 21-26 .

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