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Blanco-Heras, GA, Breadmore, MC, Johns, CA, Hutchinson, JP, Hilder, EF, Lopez-Mahia, P and Haddad, PR 2008 , 'Indirect photometric detection of anions in nonaqueous capillary electrophoresis employing Orange G as probe and a light-emitting diode-based detector' , Electrophoresis, vol. 29, no. 14 , pp. 3032-3037 , doi: 10.1002/elps.200800116.

Hutchinson, JP, Evenhuis, CJ, Johns, CA, Kazarian, AA, Breadmore, MC, Macka, M, Hilder, EF, Guijt, RM, Dicinoski, GW and Haddad, PR 2007 , 'Identification of inorganic improvised explosive devices by analysis of postblast residues using portable capillary electrophoresis instrumentation and indirect photometric detection with a light-emitting diode' , Analytical Chemistry, vol. 79, no. 18 , pp. 7005-7013 , doi: 10.1021/ac0708792.

Hutchinson, JP, Hilder, EF, Macka, M, Avdalovic, N and Haddad, PR 2006 , 'Preparation and characterisation of anion-exchange latex-coated silica monoliths for capillary electrochromatography' , Journal of Chromatography A, vol. 1109, no. 1 , pp. 10-18 , doi: 10.1016/j.chroma.2005.08.076.

Hutchinson, JP, Johns, CA, Breadmore, MC, Hilder, EF, Guijt, RM, Lennard, C, Dicinoski, GW and Haddad, PR 2008 , 'Identification of inorganic ions in post-blast explosive residues using portable CE instrumentation and capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection' , Electrophoresis, vol. 29, no. 22 , pp. 4593-4602 , doi: 10.1002/elps.200800226.

Hutchinson, JP, Macka, M, Avdalovic, N and Haddad, PR 2006 , 'On-line preconcentration of organic anions in capillary electrophoresis by solid-phase extraction using latex-coated monolithic stationary phases' , Journal of Chromatography A, vol. 1106, no. 1-2 , pp. 43-51 , doi: 10.1016/j.chroma.2005.08.032.

Hutchinson, JP, Setkova, L and Pawliszyn, J 2007 , 'Automation of solid-phase microextraction on a 96-well plate format' , Journal of Chromatography A, vol. 1149, no. 2 , pp. 127-137 , doi: 10.1016/j.chroma.2007.02.117.

Hutchinson, JP, Shellie, RA, Hilder, EF, Smith, JA and Haddad, PR 2006 , 'Towards high capacity latex-coated porous polymer monoliths as ion-exchange stationary phases' , Analyst, vol. 131, no. 2 , pp. 215-221 , doi: 10.1039/b511398a.

Hutchinson, JP, Zakaria, P, Bowie, AR, Macka, M, Avdalovic, N and Haddad, PR 2005 , 'Latex-coated polymeric monolithic ion-exchange stationary phases. 1. Anion-exchange capillary electrochromatography and in-line sample preconcentration in capillary electrophoresis' , Analytical Chemistry, vol. 77, no. 2 , pp. 407-416 , doi: 10.1021/ac048748d.

Hutchinson, JP and Blackman, AJ 2002 , 'Biogenic volatile organic compounds in the ambient air and plant emissions of a Tasmanian native forest, and the relationship between emission rates and essential oil content' , Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania, vol. 136 , pp. 173-183 , doi: 10.26749/rstpp.136.173.

Johns, CA, Shellie, RA, Potter, OG, O'Reilly, JW, Hutchinson, JP, Guijt, RM, Breadmore, MC, Hilder, EF, Dicinoski, GW and Haddad, PR 2008 , 'Identification of homemade inorganic explosives by ion chromatographic analysis of post-blast residues' , Journal of Chromatography A, vol. 1182, no. 2 , pp. 205-214 , doi: 10.1016/j.chroma.2008.01.014.

Macka, M, Hutchinson, JP, Zemann, A, Zhang, SS and Haddad, PR 2003 , 'Miniaturized movable contactless conductivity detection cell for capillary electrophoresis' , Electrophoresis, vol. 24, no. 12-13 , pp. 2144-2149 , doi: 10.1002/elps.200305475.

Patel, RP, Narkowicz, CK, Hutchinson, JP, Hilder, EF and Jacobson, GA 2008 , 'A simple capillary electrophoresis method for the rapid separation and determination of intact low molecular weight and unfractionated heparins' , Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, vol. 46, no. 1 , pp. 30-35 , doi: 10.1016/j.jpba.2007.10.009.

Thabano, JE, Breadmore, MC, Johns, CA, Hutchinson, JP and Haddad, PR 2008 , 'Selective extraction and elution of weak bases by in-line solid-phase extraction capillary electrophoresis using a pH step gradient and a weak cation-exchange monolith' , Analyst, vol. 133, no. 10 , pp. 1380-1387 , doi: 10.1039/b804805c.

Zakaria, P, Hutchinson, JP, Avdalovic, N, Liu, Y and Haddad, PR 2005 , 'Latex-coated polymeric monolithic ion-exchange stationary phases. 2. Micro-ion chromatography' , Analytical Chemistry, vol. 77, no. 2 , pp. 417-423 , doi: 10.1021/ac048747l.

Book Section

Hutchinson, JP, Dicinoski, GW and Haddad, PR 2017 , 'Aerosol-Based Detectors in Liquid Chromatography: Approaches Toward Universal Detection and to Global Analysis', in PH Gamache (ed.), Charged Aerosol Detection for Liquid Chromatography and Related Separation Techniques , John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New Jersey, USA, pp. 191-220.


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