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Jones, RC, Hecht, VFG, Potts, BM, Vaillancourt, RE and Weller, JL 2011 , 'Expression of a FLOWERING LOCUS T homologue is temporally associated with annual flower bud initiation in Eucalyptus globulus subsp. globulus (Myrtaceae).' , Australian Journal of Botany, vol. 59 , pp. 756-769 , doi:

Jones, RC, McKinnon, GE, Potts, BM and Vaillancourt, RE 2005 , 'Genetic diversity and mating system of an endangered tree Eucalyptus morrisbyi' , Australian Journal of Botany, vol. 53, no. 4 , pp. 367-377 , doi:

Jones, RC, Steane, DA, Potts, BM and Vaillancourt, RE 2002 , 'Microsatellite and morphological analysis of Eucalyptus globulus populations' , Canadian Journal of Forest Research, vol. 32, no. 1 , pp. 59-66 , doi:

Jones, RC, Vaillancourt, RE, Gore, PL and Potts, BM 2011 , 'Genetic control of flowering time in Eucalyptus globulus ssp. globulus' , Tree Genetics & Genomes, vol. 7, no. 6 , pp. 1209-1218 , doi:

Jones, RC, Vaillancourt, RE and Jordan, GJ 2004 , 'Microsatellites for use in Nothofagus cunninghamii (Nothofagaceae) and related species' , Molecular Ecology Notes, vol. 4, no. 1 , pp. 14-16 , doi:

Jones, TH, Steane, DA, Jones, RC, Pilbeam, D, Vaillancourt, RE and Potts, BM 2006 , 'Effects of domestication on genetic diversity in Eucalyptus globulus' , Forest Ecology and Management, vol. 234, no. 1-3 , pp. 78-84 , doi:

Steane, DA, Conod, N, Jones, RC, Vaillancourt, RE and Potts, BM 2006 , 'A comparative analysis of population structure of a forest tree, Eucalyptus globulus (Myrtaceae), using microsatellite markers and quantitative traits' , Tree Genetics and Genomes, vol. 2, no. 1 , pp. 30-38 , doi:

Steane, DA, Jones, RC and Vaillancourt, RE 2005 , 'A set of chloroplast microsatellite primers for Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae)' , Molecular Ecology Notes, vol. 5, no. 3 , pp. 538-541 , doi:

Yost, JM, Wise, SL, Love, NLR, Steane, DA ORCID: 0000-0002-8061-8454, Jones, RC ORCID: 0000-0002-6491-1423, Ritter, MK and Potts, BM ORCID: 0000-0001-6244-289X 2021 , 'Origins, diversity and naturalization of Eucalyptus globulus (Myrtaceae) in California' , Forests, vol. 12, no. 8 , pp. 1-18 , doi:

Book Section

Brunner, AM, Varkonyi-Gasic, E and Jones, RC ORCID: 0000-0002-6491-1423 2017 , 'Phase Change and Phenology in Trees', in AT Groover and QCB Cronk (eds.), Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics of Angiosperm Trees , Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 227-274.



Larcombe, MJ, Barbour, RC, Jones, RC, Vaillancourt, RE and Potts, BM 2016 , Tree Genetic and Genomes, summarising genetic sample data and detailed cross-level results..

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