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Allison, I ORCID: 0000-0001-9599-0251, Hock, R, King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498 and Mackintosh, A 2018 , 'Future Earth and the Cryosphere', in T Beer and J Li and K Alverson (eds.), Global Change and Future Earth: The Geoscience Perspective , Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom, pp. 91-113.

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Begeman, CB, Tulaczyk, SM, Marsh, OJ, Mikucki, JA, Stanton, TP, Hodson, TO, Siegfried, MR, Powell, RD, Christianson, K and King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498 2018 , 'Ocean stratification and low melt rates at the Ross Ice Shelf grounding zone' , Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans , pp. 1-15 , doi: 10.1029/2018JC013987.

Chen, X, Zhang, X, Church, JA, Watson, CS ORCID: 0000-0002-7464-4592, King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498, Monselesan, D, Legresy, B and Harig, C 2017 , 'The increasing rate of global mean sea-level rise during 1993-2014' , Nature Climate Change, vol. 7, no. 7 , pp. 492-495 , doi: 10.1038/nclimate3325.

Frederikse, T, Riva, REM and King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498 2017 , 'Ocean bottom deformation due to present-day mass redistribution and its impact on sea level observations' , Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 44, no. 24 , pp. 12306-12314 , doi: 10.1002/2017GL075419.

Jong, LM ORCID: 0000-0001-6707-570X, Gladstone, R, Galton-Fenzi, BK and King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498 2018 , 'Simulated dynamic regrounding during marine ice sheet retreat' , The Cryosphere, vol. 12, no. 7 , pp. 2425-2436 , doi: 10.5194/tc-12-2425-2018.

King, MA, Coleman, R, Morgan, PJ and Hurd, R 2007 , 'Velocity change of the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica, during the period 1968-1999' , Journal of Geophysical Research Earth Surface, vol. 112, no. F01013 , doi: 10.1029/2006JF000609.

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Rezvani, M-H, Watson, CS ORCID: 0000-0002-7464-4592 and King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498 2021 , 'Estimating vertical land motion and residual altimeter systematic errors using a Kalman-based approach' , Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, vol. 126, no. 6 , pp. 1-21 , doi: 10.1029/2020JC017106.

Riddell, AR, King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498, Watson, CS ORCID: 0000-0002-7464-4592, Sun, Y, Riva, REM and Rietbroek, R 2017 , 'Uncertainty in geocentre estimates in the context of ITRF2014' , Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, vol. 122, no. 5 , pp. 4020-4032 , doi: 10.1002/2016JB013698.

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Rosier, SHR, Gudmundsson, GH, King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498, Nicholls, KW, Makinson, K and Corr, HFJ 2017 , 'Strong tidal variations in ice flow observed across the entire Ronne Ice Shelf and adjoining ice streams' , Earth System Science Data, vol. 9 , pp. 849-860 , doi: 10.5194/essd-9-849-2017.

Royston, S ORCID: 0000-0002-7685-5043, Watson, CS ORCID: 0000-0002-7464-4592, Legresy, B, King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498, Church, JA and Bos, MS 2018 , 'Sea-level trend uncertainty with Pacific climatic variability and temporally-correlated noise' , Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, vol. 123, no. 3 , pp. 1978-1993 , doi: 10.1002/2017JC013655.

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Schumacher, M, King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498, Rougier, J, Sha, Z, Khan, SA and Bamber, JL 2018 , 'A new global GPS data set for testing and improving modelled GIA uplift rates' , Geophysical Journal International, vol. 214, no. 1 , pp. 2164-2176 , doi: 10.1093/gji/ggy235.

Whitehouse, PL, Gomez, N, King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498 and Wiens, DA 2019 , 'Solid Earth change and the evolution of the Antarctic Ice Sheet' , Nature Communications, vol. 10 , pp. 1-14 , doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-08068-y.

Zhao, C ORCID: 0000-0003-0368-1334, Gladstone, RM, Warner, RC ORCID: 0000-0002-9778-3544, King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498, Zwinger, T and Morlighem, M 2018 , 'Basal friction of Fleming Glacier, Antarctica – Part 2: evolution from 2008 to 2015' , Cryosphere, vol. 12 , 2653–2666 , doi: 10.5194/tc-12-2653-2018.

Zhao, C ORCID: 0000-0003-0368-1334, King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498, Watson, CS ORCID: 0000-0002-7464-4592, Barletta, VR, Bordoni, A, Dell, M and Whitehouse, PL 2017 , 'Rapid ice unloading in the Fleming Glacier region, southern Antarctic Peninsula, and its effect on bedrock uplift rates' , Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol. 473 , pp. 164-176 , doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2017.06.002.

Zwinger, T, Nield, GA, Ruokolainen, J and King, MA ORCID: 0000-0001-5611-9498 2020 , 'A new open-source viscoelastic solid earth deformation module implemented in Elmer (v8.4)' , Geoscientific Model Development, vol. 13 , pp. 1155-1164 , doi: 10.5194/gmd-13-1155-2020.

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