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Dixon, G, Sharples, C, Houshold, I and Pemberton, M 1997 , 'Earth Heritage Geoconservation in Tasmania - Wizards of Oz' , Earth Heritage: The geological and landscape conservation magazine, vol. 8 , pp. 14-15 .

Dixon, G and Sharples, C 1986 , 'Reconnaisance geological observations on Precambrian and Palaeozoic rocks of the New and Salisbury Rivers, Southern Tasmania' , Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania, vol. 120 , pp. 87-94 , doi:

Macphail, MK, Sharples, C, Bowman, DMJS, Wood, SW and Haberle, S 2014 , 'Coastal erosion reveals a potentially unique Oligocene and possible periglacial sequence at present-day sea level in Port Davey, remote South-West Tasmania' , Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania, vol. 148 , pp. 43-59 , doi:

Murunga, M, Pecl, GT ORCID: 0000-0003-0192-4339, Ogier, EM ORCID: 0000-0001-6157-5279, Leith, P, Macleod, C, Kelly, R ORCID: 0000-0002-8364-1836, Corney, S ORCID: 0000-0002-8293-0863, Van Putten, IE, Mossop, D, Cullen-Knox, C, Bettiol, S ORCID: 0000-0002-4355-4498, Fox-Hughes, P, Sharples, C and Nettlefold, J 2022 , 'More than just information: what does the public want to know about climate change?' , Ecology and Society, vol. 27, no. 2 , pp. 1-27 , doi:

Proemse, BC ORCID: 0000-0002-6630-6892, Eberhard, RS, Sharples, C, Bowman, JP ORCID: 0000-0002-4528-9333, Richards, K, Comfort, M and Barmuta, LA ORCID: 0000-0002-8946-3727 2017 , 'Stromatolites on the rise in peat-bound karstic wetlands' , Scientific Reports, vol. 7 , pp. 1-8 , doi:

Sharples, C 2005 , 'Coastal Erosion Threat (article by Simon Bevilacqua)' , The Sunday Tasmanian 3 July 2005 , pp. 1-2 .

Sharples, C 2004 , 'Coastline calamity fear (Michelle Paine editor)' , The Mercury, vol. Wednesday .

Sharples, C 2010 , 'Get used to it' , The Mercury, Friday 16 July 2010 .

Sharples, C 2007 , 'Locating sea rise risks (authored by Michelle Paine)' , The Mercury, vol. Friday August 17 , p. 11 .

Sharples, C 2003 , 'Rising tide of alarm for Tassie (article by Michelle Paine)' , The Mercury Thursday 18 September2003 , p. 1 .

Sharples, C 2003 , 'Storm clouds LOOM (article by Michelle Paine)' , The Sunday Tasmanian 21 September 2003 , p. 14 .

Sharples, C 2003 , 'The heat is on councils' , The Mercury, vol. Friday, 19 September 2003 .

Sharples, C 2002 , 'Wave of decisions for coasts' , The Examiner Saturday 29 June 2002 , p. 5 .

Sharples, C 2009 , 'Chance to seas the day (Peter Boyer editor)' , The Mercury, vol. Tuesda .

Sharples, C 1995 , 'Geoconservation in forest management - principles and practice' , Tasforests, vol. 7 , pp. 37-50 .

Sharples, C and Klootwijk, CT 1981 , 'Palaeomagnetic results from the Gordon Subgroup of Tasmania: Further evidence for a late Cretaceous magnetic overprint in Southeastern Australia' , Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania, vol. 115 , pp. 85-91 , doi:

Book Section

Burrett, CF, Stait, B, Sharples, C and Laurie, JR 1984 , 'Middle-Upper Ordovician Shallow Platform to Deep Basin Transect, Southern Tasmania.', in DL Brunton (ed.), Aspects of the Ordovician System , Palaeontological contributions from the University of Oslo (295) , Oslo : Universitetsforlaget [University of Oslo], Oslo, pp. 149-157.


Mount, RE, Prahalad, VN ORCID: 0000-0002-3547-616X, Sharples, C, Tilden, J, Morrison, BVR, Lacey, MJ, Ellison, JC, Helman, M and Newton, JB 2010 , Circular Head region coastal foreshore habitats: sea level rise vulnerability assessment. (Boullanger Bay - Robbins Passage - Big Bay - Duck Bay).

Sharples, C and Mount, RE 2011 , Relating shoreline behaviour histories to wave climate.

Conference or Workshop Item

Sharples, C 1995 , 'Lake Pedder: Values and Restoration. Volume 27, Centre for Environmental Studies Occasional Paper', paper presented at the The Proceedings of a Symposium held on 8th April 1995 at the University of Tasmania, 8 April 1995, Hobart.

Sharples, C 1999 , 'The Dismal Swamp Polje of North-western Tasmania - a case study in geoconservation', paper presented at the Proceedings of the Thirteenth Australasian Conference on Cave And Karst Management, Mt Gambier, 18-24 April 1999, Mt Gambier, SA.

Sharples, C 2011 , 'Guidebook for the Australasian Cave and Karst Management Association Inc.', paper presented at the 19th Australasian Conference on Cave and Karst Management, 8-13 May, 2011, North-west Tasmania.


Sharples, C 1980 , 'The Ordovician system in the Ida Bay area', Honours thesis, University of Tasmania.

Sharples, C 1990 , 'The durability of Tasmanian building sandstones', Research Master thesis, University of Tasmania.


Baker, A, Stratford, E ORCID: 0000-0001-6273-493X, Sharples, C and Gerathy, R 2007 , Tasmanian researchers to map the Australian coastline's sensitivity to rising sea levels , UTAS Innovation Ltd, Hobart.

Sharples, C 2011 , Beach suburb under threat, The Mercury, 13 July, 2011 page 1. , Davies Bros, Hobart.

Sharples, C 2008 , Erosion hotspots alert, The Mercury, June 5th, 2008 , Davies Bros, Hobart.

Sharples, C, Mount, RE and Paine, M 2007 , Locating sea level risks: Tassie-led project a world first , Davies Brothers (News Limited), Hobart.

Sharples, C and Dix, R 2009 , Sceptics question vision of local oil strike , ABC Hobart, Hobart.

Sharples, C, Mount, RE and Pedersen, TK 2009 , The Australian Coastal Smartline Geomorphic and Stability Map Version 1: Manual and Date Dictionary , Australian Government, Geoscience Australia, University of Tasmania, Hobart.

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