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Brandao, SN, Hoppema, M, Kamenev, GM, Karanovic, I, Riehl, T, Tanaka, H, Vital, H, Yoo, H and Brandt, A 2019 , 'Review of Ostracoda (Crustacea) living below the Carbonate Compensation Depth and the deepest record of a calcified ostracod' , Progress in Oceanography, vol. 178 , pp. 1-15 , doi: 10.1016/j.pocean.2019.102144.

Karanovic, I, Huyen, PTM, Yoo, H, Nakao, Y and Tsukagoshi, A 2020 , 'Shell and appendages variability in two allopatric ostracod species seen through the light of molecular data' , Contributions to Zoology, vol. 89, no. 3 , pp. 247-269 , doi: 10.1163/18759866-20191423.

Yoo, H, Cohuo, S, Macario-Gonzalez, L and Karanovic, I 2017 , 'A new freshwater ostracod genus from the northern Neotropical region and its phylogenetic position in the family Cyprididae (Podocopida)' , Zoologischer Anzeiger, vol. 266 , pp. 196-215 , doi: 10.1016/j.jcz.2016.09.003.

Yoo, H and Karanovic, I 2019 , 'Six species of the ostracod families Loxoconchidae and Cushmanideidae from South Korea' , Journal of Species Research, vol. 8, no. 1 , pp. 116-127 , doi: 10.12651/JSR.2019.8.1.116.

Yoo, H, Tanaka, H, Lee, W, Brandao, SN and Karanovic, I 2019 , 'Six new Krithe from the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench, with the first insight into phylogeography of deep-sea ostracods' , Progress in Oceanography, vol. 176 , pp. 1-11 , doi: 10.1016/j.pocean.2019.102128.

Yoo, H, Tanaka, H, Tsukagoshi, A, Lee, W and Karanovic, I 2019 , 'Cytheroid ostracods (Crustacea) from South Korea, with description of a new species' , Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle. Zoosystema, vol. 41, no. 22 , pp. 419-441 , doi: 10.5252/zoosystema2019v41a22.

Yoo, H, Thi, VAL and Karanovic, I 2020 , 'Two Paradoxostomatidae (Ostracoda) species from South Korea with a key to genera of the family' , ZooKeys, vol. 943 , pp. 21-39 , doi: 10.3897/zookeys.943.52938.

Book Section

Brandao, SN, Baumann, E, Jost, AB, Karanovic, I, Tanaka, H, Yasuhara, M, Yoo, H, Saeedi, H and Brandt, A 2020 , 'Biodiversity and biogeography of Ostrocoda (Crustacea) from the deep NW Pacific', in H Saeedi and A Brandt (eds.), Biogeographic Atlas of the Deep NW Pacific Fauna , Pensoft Publishers, Sofia, Bulgaria, pp. 285-338.

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