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Cochrane, G (2012) Grace Cochrane : Archives and anniversaries: write it down, take a pic - or someone else will make it all up later (Art Forum). [Video]

Lundberg, P (2012) Peter Lundberg (Art Forum). [Video]

King, AK (2012) Alicia King - The Ephemeral Flesh Projects (Art Forum). [Video]

Scott, MG (2012) Mary Scott - The Illusion of Truth (Art Forum). [Video]

Hudson, WC (2012) Prof. Wayne C Hudson (Art Forum). [Video]

Colless, E (2012) Edward Colless - The Corpse Bride and the Human Centipede (Art Forum). [Video]

Thorne, T (2012) Tony Thorne (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Simon, K (2012) Kim Simon (Art Forum). [Video]

Leach, S (2012) Sam Leach -Science Week (Art Forum). [Video]

Berecry-Brown, N (2012) Neil Berecry-Brown (Art Forum). [Video]

de Gryse, J (2012) Jerry de Gryse (Art Forum). [Video]

Jansen, T (2012) Designer Trent Jansen – Australian Product Designer (Art Forum). [Video]

Ritchie, B (2012) Brian Ritchie - UTAS Open Day (Art Forum). [Video]

Phillips, A (2012) Anna Phillips (Art Forum). [Video]

Gielen , P (2012) Pascal Gielen - Being an artist in post-Fordist times - Artistic strategies in post-Fordist times (Art Forum). [Video] (Submitted)

Trembath, T (2012) Tony Trembath (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Zika, J (2012) Joel Zika (Art Forum). [Video]

Kluss, B (2012) Jamin (Art Forum). [Video]

Ormandy, S (2012) Stephen Ormandy (Art Forum). [Video]

Dement, L (2012) Linda Dement (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Helyer, N (2012) Nigel Helyer (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

McQueenie, J (2012) Jock McQueenie (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Vella, JM (2012) John Vella (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Farman, N (2012) Nola Farman (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Fox, R (2012) Robin Fox (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Fellows, B (2011) Bethany Fellows (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Wilson, M (2011) Mick Wilson (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

O'Neill, P (2011) Paul O'Neill (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Huddlestone, T (2011) Toby Huddlestone (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Santiago, R (2011) Ruben Santiago (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Wei, G (2011) Guan Wei (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Coutts, M and Smiles, L (2011) Martyn Coutts & Luke Smiles (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Rrap, J (2011) Julie Rapp (Art Forum). [Video]

Poulet, P (2011) Peter Poulet (Art Forum). [Video]

Guy, J (2011) Jan Guy (Art Forum). [Video]

de Clario, D (2011) Domenico de Clario (Art Forum). [Video]

Newitt, J (2011) James Newitt (Art Forum). [Video]

Walsh, C (2011) Craig Walsh (Art Forum). [Video]

Ozolins, B and Frost, RE and Redmond, E (2011) An Archival Impulse (Art Forum). [Video]

Boyle, K (2011) Kirsty Boyle (Art Forum). [Video] (Unpublished)

Sowerwine, V and Knowles, I (2011) Van Sowerwine and Isobel Knowles (Art Forum). [Video]

Wise, K (2010) Kit Wise (Art Forum). [Video]

Meijers, M and Walsh, T (2010) Mish Meijers & Tricky Walsh (Art Forum). [Video]

Johnstone, A (2010) Andrew Johnstone (Art Forum). [Video]

Lotersztain, A (2010) Alexander Lotersztain (Art Forum). [Video]

Maloney, E (2010) Evan Maloney (Art Forum). [Video]

Ozolins, B (2010) Dr Brigita Ozolins (Art Forum). [Video]

Howard, I (2010) Professor Ian Howard (Art Forum). [Video]

Stewart, J (2010) Jane Stewart (Art Forum). [Video]

Bird, S (2010) Stephen Bird (Art Forum). [Video]

Slee, S (2010) Simone Slee (Art Forum). [Video]

Rosetzky, D (2010) David Rosetzky (Art Forum). [Video]

Cross, D (2010) Dr David Cross(Art Forum). [Video]

Sierra, M (2010) Marie Sierra(Art Forum). [Video]

Fox, W (2010) William Fox (Art Forum). [Video]

Zika, P (2010) Paul Zika (Art Forum). [Video]

James, J (2010) Jeremy James (Art Forum). [Video]

Trouton, L (2010) Lycia Trouton (Art Forum). [Video]

Haines, D (2010) David Haines (Art Forum). [Video]

Watson, J (2010) Judy Watson (Art Forum). [Video]

Rackham, M (2010) Melinda Rackham (Art Forum). [Video]

Gezcy, A (2010) Adam Gezcy (Art Forum). [Video]

Tatton, M (2010) Marcus Tatton (Art Forum). [Video]

Blakely, A and Lloyd, D (2010) Angela Blakely and David Lloyd (Art Forum). [Video]

Taylor, A (2009) Anita Taylor (Art Forum). [Video]

Scott, MG (2009) Mary Scott (Art Forum). [Video]

Panatteri , S (2009) Salvatore Panatteri (Art Forum). [Video]

Hobba, L (2009) Leigh Hobba (Art Forum). [Video]

Folland, N (2009) Nicholas Folland (Art Forum). [Video]

Rakena, R and Graham, B (2009) Brett Graham and Rachel Rakena (Art Forum). [Video]

Burrows, D (2009) David Burrows (Art Forum). [Video]

von Sturmer, D (2008) Daniel von Sturmer (Art Forum). [Video]

Milojevic , M (2008) Milan Milojevic (Art Forum). [Video]

Grant, S (2008) Susan Grant (Art Forum). [Video]

MacDonald, AL (2008) Anne MacDonald (Art Forum). [Video]

Coelho, N (2008) Nuno Coelho (Art Forum). [Video]

Bellette, T (2008) Tony Bellette (Art Forum). [Video]

Ruffels, TD (2008) Troy Ruffels (Art Forum). [Video]

Ferran, A (2008) Anne Ferran (Art Forum). [Video]

Goc, NE (2008) Nicola Goc (Art Forum). [Video]

Fraser, M (2008) Mark Fraser (Art Forum). [Video]

Mendelssohn, J (2008) Joanna Mendelssohn (Art Forum). [Video]

Taylor, SJ (2008) Sue Jane Taylor (Art Forum). [Video]

Carchesio, E (2008) Eugene Carchesio (Art Forum). [Video]

Haines, D (2008) David Haines (Art Forum). [Video]

Redfern, D (2008) Dominic Redfern (Art Forum). [Video]

Hurrel, S (2008) Stephen Hurrel. [Video]

Woods, EJ (2008) Elizabeth Woods (Art Forum). [Video]

Lotersztain, A (2008) Alexander Lotersztain (Art Forum). [Video]

Gower, E (2008) Elizabeth Gower (Art Forum). [Video]

Stamm, M (2008) The seat of the soul: on the inner and the outer, embodyment. [Video]

Akerman, K (2008) Kim Akerman (Art Forum). [Video]

Wijnen, H (2008) Henk Wijnen (Art Forum). [Video]

Winter , H (2008) Heather Winter (Art Forum). [Video]

Giblett, R (2008) Richard Giblett (Art Forum). [Video]

Moore, C (2008) Ciara Moore (Art Forum). [Video]

Factor, T (2007) Tia Factor (Art Forum). [Video]

Haynes, R (2007) Roslynn Haynes (Art Forum). [Video]

Wise, K (2007) Kit Wise (Art Forum). [Video]

Negrin, L (2007) Llewellyn Negrin (Art Forum). [Video]

Farthing, S (2007) Stephen Farthing(Art Forum). [Video]

Warwicker, J (2007) John Warwicker. [Video]

Clark, S (2007) Samantha Clark(Art Forum). [Video]

Benjamin, A (2007) Myth and history: Anselm Kiefer's Aperiatura terra (Art Forum). [Video]

MacLeod , E (2007) Euan MacLeod (Art Forum). [Video]

O'Doherty, C (2007) Chris O'Doherty. [Video]

Barbour , J (2007) John Barbour (Art Forum). [Video]

Tomlinson, S (2007) Sharon Tomlinson (Art Forum). [Video]

Fox, B (2007) Belinda Fox. [Video]

Ozolins, BT (2007) Brigita Ozolins. the Grand Tour: when too much art is not enough art. [Video]

Papapetrou, P (2007) Polixeni Papapetrou. [Video]

Fairskye, M (2007) Merilyn Fairskye(Art Forum). [Video]

Parsons, S (2007) Samantha Parsons. [Video]

Arnold, R (2007) Raymond Arnold(Art Forum). [Video]

Waterson , C (2007) Christina Waterson (Art Forum). [Video]

Lancashire, D (2007) David Lancashire (Art Forum). [Video]

Panigirakis, S and Kosloff , L (2007) CLUBSproject: Laresa Kosloff & Spiros Panigirakis. [Video]

Ocampo, M and Griggs , D (2007) Manuel Ocampo & David Griggs (Art Forum). [Video]

Zuber, C (2007) Charles Zuber. [Video]

Frankham, N (2007) Port Arthur Project: Noel Frankham. [Video]

Keating, MJ (2007) Meg Keating. [Video]

Ritchie, B (2007) Bill Ritchie (Art Forum). [Video]

Quinlan, L (2007) Linda Quinlan in conversation with Sean Kelly (Art Forum). [Video]

McNamee, J (2006) Jackie McNamee (Art Forum). [Video]

Carter, P (2006) Paul Carter (Art Forum). [Video]

Broughton, L (2006) Lindsay Broughton (Art Forum). [Video]

Parr, G (2006) Geoff Parr (Art Forum). [Video]

Robb, C (2006) Charles Robb (Art Forum). [Video]

Doropoulos, T (2006) Tania Doropoulos (Art Forum). [Video]

Leslie, A (2006) Andrew Leslie (Art Forum). [Video]

Kelly, C (2006) Caleb Kelly (Art Forum). [Video]

Kelly, S (2006) Sean Kelly (Art Forum). [Video]

Harris, B (2006) Brent Harris (Art Forum). [Video]

Baseman, J (2006) Jordan Baseman (Art Forum). [Video]

Norrie, H (2006) Helen Norrie (Art Forum). [Video]

Gibson, R (2006) Ross Gibson (Art Forum). [Video]

Aiken, J (2006) John Aiken (Art Forum). [Video]

Davin, F (2006) Francois Davin(Art Forum). [Video]

Terstappen, C (2006) Claudia Terstappen (Art Forum). [Video]

Judd, C (2006) Craig Judd (Art forum). [Video]

Zahra, L (2005) Louiseann Zahra (Art Forum). [Video]

Redford, S (2005) Scott Redford (Art Forum). [Video]

Jensz, D (2005) David Jensz (Art Forum). [Video]

Holmes, JH (2005) Jonathan Holmes (Art Forum). [Video]

Ellis, N (2005) Nicole Ellis(Art Forum). [Video]

Bachler, T (2005) Thomas Bachler(Art Forum). [Video]

Younger, J (2005) Jay Younger (Art Forum). [Video]

Hurrel , S (2005) Stephen Hurrel (Art Forum). [Video]

Raskopoulos , E (2005) Eugenia Raskopoulos (Art Forum). [Video]

Lee, B (2005) Brendan Lee(Art Forum). [Video]

Nainby, B (2005) Bryony Nainby (Art Forum). [Video]

Green, D (2005) Denise Green (Art Forum). [Video]

Bell, R (2005) Robert Bell (Art Forum). [Video]

Dickson, PL (2005) Pippa Dickson (Art Forum). [Video]

Hoffner, MJ (2005) Marie-Jeanne Hoffner (Art Forum). [Video]

Trubridge, D (2005) David Trubridge (Art Forum). [Video]

Haley, S (2005) Stephan Haley (Art Forum). [Video]

Gigante, M (2005) Michele Gigante (Art Forum). [Video]

Nheu, L (2005) Luis Nheu(Art Forum). [Video]

Dingus , R (2005) Rick Dingus (Art Forum). [Video]

Broughton, L (2005) Lindsay Broughton (Art forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Zika, P (2004) Paul Zika (Art Forum). [Video]

Johnson, IE (2004) Ian Johnson (Art Forum). [Video]

Brassington, P (2004) Pat Brassington (Art Forum). [Video]

Stanhope, Z (2004) Zara Stanhope(Art Forum). [Video]

Backen, R (2004) Robyn Backen (Art Forum). [Video]

Frankham, N (2004) Noel Frankham (Art Forum). [Video]

Tamanui, R (2004) Regan Tamanui(Art Forum). [Video]

Weckes, E (2004) Elizabeth Weckes (Art Forum). [Video]

Hall, P (2004) Patrick Hall (Art Forum). [Video]

Milam , J (1997) Jennifer Milam (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Smith , K and McCarney , S (1997) Keith A. Smith ; Scott McCarney (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Dawson, P (1997) Paula Dawson (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Dawes , D (1997) Debra Dawes (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Harcus , A (1997) Annette Harcus : passion (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Rowley , S (1996) Sue Rowley (Art forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Colless , E (1996) Edward Colless - Foreign Affairs (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Smith , P (1995) Penny Smith (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Umiumare , Y (1995) Yumi Umiumare : Butoh dance (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Epp , P (1995) Paul Epp : Canadian furniture design (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Sproul , L (1995) Linda Sproul (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Wallace , S (1995) Sue-Anne Wallace - Byzantine art (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Arnold , R (1995) Ray Arnold (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Humphreys, R (1995) Richard Humphreys (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Dawson , J (1994) Jenny Dawson (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Nelson , R and Randall-Page, P (1994) Robert Nelson ; Peter Randall-Page (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Friend , I and King , P (1994) Ian Friend ; Peter King (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Hall , F (1994) Fiona Hall (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Hanet , K and Batchen , G (1994) Kari Hanet ; Geoff Batchen (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Turpin , J and Rubenstein , E (1994) Jennifer Turpin and Prof. E. Rubenstein (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

George, P and Goodwin, L (1994) Phillip George and Lynne Roberts Goodwin(Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Brandt-Hanssen, E and Thomas, David (1994) Elina Brandt-Hanssen ; David Thomas (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Finkelstein , J (1994) Joanne Finkelstein (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Hoorn , J (1994) Jeanette Hoorn (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Gott, T (1993) Ted Gott - Surrealism & Homophobia (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Burn, I (1993) Ian Burn (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Creed , B (1992) Barbara Creed (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Annear, J (1992) Judy Annear (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Butler, R (1992) Rex Butler (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

McPhee , J and Benwell , S (1992) John McPhee ; Stephen Benwell (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Fitzpatrick, D (1992) Donal Fitzpatrick (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Carroll, A (1992) Alison Carroll (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Sokolowski , T (1992) Thomas Sokolowski (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Welchman, J (1992) John Welchman (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Parry, L (1992) Linda Parry (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Caruana, W (1991) Wally Caruana (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Church, J (1991) Julia Church (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Bamford, R (1991) Rod Bamford (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Bradbeer, G (1990) Godwin Bradbeer (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Cox, D (1990) Donna Cox - Computer Art (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Bell, D (1987) Dianne Bell (Art forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Cochrane, G (1987) Grace Cochrane (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Patton, T (1985) Tom Patton (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Pelz, W (1985) Winnie Pelz (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Nix, K (1985) Katherine Nix (Art Forum). [Audio] (Unpublished)

Chadwick, H and Hambling, M and McKeever , I (1981) Helen Chadwick, Maggi Hambling, Ian McKeever (Artists in residence). [Audio] (Unpublished)

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